Fees & Insurance

Self Pay

For families without health insurance or those choosing not to use insurance. 

Individual payment plans are encouraged and accepted — we trust that you know your family’s budget best and can decide how to meet this goal and investment in your pregnancy and birth care. Our fee is an up-front fee, meaning you are expected to pay our full fee by 34 weeks. We also offer an early pre-pay discount. 

This Global Fee includes prenatal care, labor and birth, postpartum, and newborn care.  The Global Fee does not include fees with additional services like labs, ultrasounds, birth certificate copies, and doula services. We can go over all the details of the fee agreement at your free consultation. 

For families who reside outside the standard service radius (75 miles from the Grand Rapids office), a $200 one time fee will be added.

Insurance Billing

Heart to Heart Midwifery bills insurance as an Out-of-Network provider, so your reimbursement is subject to the limitations of your specific insurance plan. Insurance billing is handled by STM Billing, LLC, a midwifery billing company. Please note that there is no guarantee that your insurance will pay, as some insurance plans cover midwifery services and some do not. We encourage you to speak with your insurance provider to learn about your coverage. Our fee is an up-front fee, meaning you are expected to pay our full fee by 34 weeks. 

Unfortunately, the Minnesota Medical Assistance Program does not recognize Licensed Midwives as providers and will not pay us for home birth at this time.

Health sharing ministries generally cover 100% of midwifery care and homebirth. We are happy to provide a receipt for you to receive reimbursement from your health sharing plan. We are a pre-approved provider and can direct bill Christian Health Ministries.

Clinic Location

1833 W US HWY 2 - Suite A
Grand Rapids, MN 55744