Kind Words

“Having a midwife is SO IMPORTANT. Birth is more than “just as long as your baby is healthy”. When we say that we’re throwing mom out with the bathwater. We’re saying as long as the baby is fine, that the mom doesn’t matter. She does matter! Having had three different experiences, I MATTER! So much! How you feel you are treated in birth matters. With my first, I felt like I was a patient, helpless, restricted, and told what to instead of being able to do what my body wanted naturally to do. Things were done to me that I was not even aware of, without my permission, any discussion or informed consent. With my second, I had a lot more knowledge and a lot more informed consent, but I still felt like a patient. As if I was not really free to do the things my body naturally wanted to do. With my third, a homebirth, I was completely in control. It was MY experience, and my body’s needs and wants making the decisions of how and where I wanted to birth.

What comes to my mind quite often since having Jasper at home is the fact that his birth has healed me. In more ways than one but mostly in the fact that I was disappointed by how I was treated in birth at the hospital. Having a completely opposite experience at home has healed all those negative feelings of disappointment and lack of control. I felt cared for before, during and after my homebirth better than I did after my other two births. I feel whole. I think all women should feel empowered, positive and in charge of their bodies.

A million thanks to the ladies who helped this happen for me.”
— Ericka

How we are treated the day we

give birth, matters.

My overall birth experience was calm and safe. Handled with confidence and ease. Being a first time mom, Molly was an asset to my first birth experience. She helped me with calming techniques when I was clenching up and helped me relax. In addition to the physical birth process, Molly was there to assist me with documents and paperwork afterward so I could enjoy some skin-to-skin time with my new baby. That was so special to me. Molly’s contributions were truly invaluable and I’m so grateful my dreams of a beautiful home birth were fulfilled thanks to her expertise.

Thank you, Molly, for helping bring Dexter earthside!
— Brianna Cesolini Bemidji, MN
There truly are no words to describe how much you have helped me throughout not just one pregnancy but six. You have been my guidance at every turn of the way. You have given me tremendous support when I needed it the most. You brought comfort and security at a time when I felt my very own Doctors had left me alone and confused. Thank You! I couldn’t have done it without you!
— Natasha

We love our families! Thank you to

the many for letting us support

you during such a special time in

your lives.

“Molly was a part of our home birth team for our first baby. We got to know her well as she accompanied our main midwife to most of the prenatals, the birth, and our postnatal appointments. She is so kind, sweet, and has a great sense of humor (needed in her field of work). Molly’s best traits were on show as she helped me labor for hours. Continually giving me support, trying to keep me comfortable, and offering words of encouragement. Despite being to several different births in the nights previous to ours, she was at her best throughout the entire labor and birth. She helped make our first home birth experience a great one and it certainly wouldn’t have been the same without her.”
— Noah, Jamie, and Amelia