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I began working with birthing women almost 20 years ago. My roll in birth work has expanded a number of times through the years along with my education. I love working in women's wellness. This includes everything from midwifery (pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and lactation), period problems (PMS, pain, heavy bleeding, lack of periods, endometriosis, and more), infertility, hormone support, and menopause. The female reproductive system is complex, and it is a reflection of a women's overall health.

Symptoms of hormone imbalance often go ignored or are dismissed as issues women just need to deal with. Many of these issues are signs of an imbalance in a woman's body. "The perfect period" should be 3-5 days of medium flow bleeding, with little to no clotting, no pain, nor PMS. It should come every 28-30 days.

How does your period compare to "the perfect period"? Is your cycle showing signs of imbalance? I have teamed up with Up North Bodyworks and we are excited to be offering a new approach to women's wellness. A natural holistic approach using body work, herbs, nutrition, and supplements to nourish and heal hormonal imbalances. We would love to help you reboot your hormones and regain balance to your system.

Peristeaming is the therapeutic use of steaming to heal, renew, and refresh. It is an ancient technique for self-care and healing that can be traced to cultures all around the world. It is a non-invasive practice that brings circulation and healing to organs associated with the reproductive wellness. After a thorough intake, a protocol is developed. This protocol is completely personalized for your individualized needs.

Peristeaming can help:
Reduce pain and bloating associated with menstruation.
Decrease menstrual flow, as well as brown blood at the beginning or end of cycles.
Increase fertility.
Regulate irregular cycles.
Speed healing after childbirth.
Reduce ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids.
Assist in healing of vaginal tears.
Eases symptoms of menopause.
Aids in miscarriage healing and reproductive wellness.
And much more...